Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon and Robin Williams


Good Will Hunting takes place in Southern Boston with a man of the name Will Hunting. He has a Genius level IQ however chooses to be employed as a janitor at MIT. His abilities are soon discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau when he sets up a "Unsovlvable" math problem for his students to try and complete and leaves it blank. However the next day the equasion is solved by the modest genious himself Will Hunting. Growing up in a rough part of town Will gets in a brawl and is arrested for the assault of a police officer. The professor Lamaeu makes a deal and assigns Will to therapy as to avoid further consequences.


"Good Will Hunting" is a phenominal movie as it has meaningful messages and lessons intertwind throughout the whole movie. It is full of action and is very exciting. The main character will is stuborn but sticks up for what he beleives is right. He is very inspiring and you grow to admire him through out the movie.