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All my life food has always been very special to me. The highlight to every vacation I went on was the variety of resteraunts we would go to. My all time favorite food is hot wings although my all around favorite type of food is by far Mexican. Ever since I was young my dad and I would go out to eat for Taco tuesday and I have loved Mexican Food ever since then. Another reason I love food is the freedom to express yourself through the use of seasoning, toppings and all sorts of dressings.

Eating amazing foods is one thing but making it is another. Although I am not the most talented cook I do enjoy the process of making certain foods. I often times make myself food as my parents work full time. Most mornings I will make myself waffles or pancakes. My mom has taught me to cook at young age so I am very grateful and do my best to utelize the skills she has given me.

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